It combines the refined and graceful atmosphere of the Dance Atelier with the natural and stylish elegance of a space which is simple yet beautiful. What makes it special? Apart from being specialized in various therapeutic disciplines, the artistic director and her staff are experts in Dance and Dance Therapy. In addition to the different forms of dance (contemporary, classic, therapeutic…) and Oriental Arts (Yoga, Shiatsu, Tai Qi), ANABASI Art-in-movement promotes the culture of well-being and self-care in order to stimulate the development and the expansion of one’s personal potential.
Furthermore, advanced methods for a complete training of the body such as Pilates and Gyrotonic are finalized and adapted to the specific needs and objectives of each participant: from specific training for dance to work on posture, muscular tone and rehabilitation.

The encounter and the integration of the various forms of Art open the doors to new experiences, liberating resources still unexplored in a process that has no arrival point: Art-in-movement, precisely.
New classes will soon be activated: master classes and workshops dedicated to professional artists who want to improve their own technique.


Artistic study groups designed for actors, dancers, singers etc who wish to acquire a deeper awareness of the expressive possibilities of movement thanks to the contribution of Oriental Arts: the gestural harmony of Tai Qi and Yoga generate an unusual agility and a gentle flexibility.
Professional dancers can also be followed individually, with particular attention to possible problems of instability of the spinal column.



Artistic Director: Roberta Cavicchioli. ArtExpert in dance, dance therapy and therapeutic gymnastics. Author of various books.
Former teacher at Alessandra Ferri’s Atelier Industria.


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